Second Gear-Degrinding

So the second removal of things that annoy us in the OR and pull stuff to the floor, is tube and hose management. Not rocket science, but after trying a bazillion devices out there, we decided to make our own (this is part of the project that the bovie holster I am working on belongs to) and so the idea is to be able to hold up to 3 suction lines and 3 bovie cables and maybe another “thing” that needs to run up or down the table.

Depending on which OR we are in the suction tubing might run from the head or feet, and likewise with the bovie cables. So some brackets (with “chip-clips” on the bottom - for testing just using binder clips). So took some measurements of both cables and tubes, and the tubes you can ever so slightly deform to get a good grip, while the cables are tougher and have a very hard insulation so have to be more exact fitting. One challenge is we don’t want them to slide (easy with the suction tubing, hard with the electrical wires)

So I made a pair of these. Not rocket science, but in 2 minutes, had a nice pair (one with the newspaper trick)

Took two attempts until I got the tension right (the first version each hole was .25mm smaller than the next, so we could get the right pressure.

The hook thing I have no idea, and it may get eliminated as a source of snagging, but we will see in first round testing.


Love stuff like this!


I’d smooth the curve on the top of the hook - that way if something drops into there it will be able to smoothly roll out with a tug vs getting caught on that little squared off drop section.

Do you mean where the red arrow is? I put a 5mm fillet in there. You think a larger fillet than that (when I increase it too much the left side gets sharp (I can move the curve point farther to the right I suppose, but that cuts into the volume of the hook). Yeah, I am worried stuff is getting caught in there.

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Like the French guy says in The Doors movie: “So cooool…sooo, sooo cool”

No. The yellow arrows. Round those corners off. You can still hook things in there with gravity keeping them in the bottom of the hook space but pulling on it would let them slip through the opening to prevent garment grabs because I bet things caught in there would lead to pulling up & outward which will catch on those square corners.


Are the cables disposable? Because I could see a lot of wear and tear from fitting them in and out compared to a once around mushroom?

Hah! reminds me of a thing I had in mind for organizing our equipment on a flow meter. I was waiting for my GF to cut a prototype. Then the other day I found this in my mail box at work. It apparently had been there for a couple months. (I never check my mailbox :upside_down: ) I guess I won’t be getting that patent.


Yeah, that and basically everything else in the room gets thrown out every case. Pretty sure they then strangle a baby seal with the used cables, and then pour agent orange, mercury and PCB contaminated motor oil onto the seal right after to make sure that no environmental damage is left undone… We throw out 2-3 garbage bags of stuff every case x 38 ORs x 300 days/year…


Man you guys are on a roll today! ROFL! :laughing:

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just call 'em butter… 'cause they are on a roll !!!