Acrylic food safe? Can you eat off the Proofgrade material after it's been cut?

Hi! I have a few ideas to create but wondering if the glow forge Acrylic is food safe before making them? Cocktail stirrers, cake toppers, etc.

I just need to know if the clear acrylic is food safe. Also if it’s translucent color or solid color does that change the food safety nature if clear is food safe? Help I just want a SOLID answer if anyone happens to know. Thanks!

Yes. You can find other threads with laser cut drink stirrers and cake toppers as well here. Doesn’t matter if it’s clear or colored.


if its proofgrade material i would defintely look up under the catalogue some will have information under which material your inquiring if its food safe

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I don’t think there is any mention in the GF shop about whether any of the PG materials are food safe. The best bet will be to either do a search in the forum for other posts about food safety or on the internet in general. As far as what I’ve ever read, there are no food safety concerns with acrylic.


FDA considers acrylic to be food safe. You can find acrylic serving platters and such in stores. It safely washes clean with soap and water. The only reason you don’t see acrylic dinnerware to eat off of is because acrylic doesn’t hold up well to microwaves and dishwashers.


Also, it scratches really easily and looks like $%@#@ after a while! :smile:


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