Acrylic Help with lights

Made o Medium Acrylic needhelp with some cheap Led lights large enough for the Box Any Help Thanks!

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Hi, what type of lights and size? Plug-in or battery? Rope light, “fairy lights”, strip lights, or repurpose a ceiling fixure? Are you wanting to edge light the acrylic, or mount the lights inside the box and back light the acrylic? You’ll have a lot more luck finding what you want once you can specify it…

More info on “the Box” would help as well…

Hi LED lights to light up the Acrylic from inside the box from behind, Box is wooden and will approximately be 24 in height and length about 20 inches! I would like clear LED Thanks

Something like this might work. You can cut it to whatever length necessary.


Lots of posts about sourcing LED strips and this one will get you started.

Amazon is always a go-to, but they can usually be had cheaper on import sites like ,, and

This too

This place has really neat and some unique LED products and there’s a ton I’d like to buy from them, but the shipping kills me.

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IKEA has some rigid LED strips that may work well for around the sides of the box, and small sections that clip together to get the overall length you need (in both general lighting and kitchen under cabinet lights). But Home Depot has really nice flat panel (1", apart from electrical box) ceiling lights that come in a variety of sizes if you want a full field of light behind the acrylic and even light. You can always use an electrical cord to create the pig tail to convert it from hard wire to plug in.