Acrylic Nameplates .040 bought from Amazon

so Im trying to make some Trophy Nameplates and its not Glowforge Material. I bought it from Amazon and i was wodering if someone can Recommend A Setting

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Can you post a link or a better description?

its XLNT TECH Material is ABS

someone said that ABS can melt

the thickness is .040

ABS doesn’t really laser well, I would
suspect this material was meant for engraving machines that use a physical tip/spindle.


thanks. What is the site for glowfofge material Acrylic

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You can buy acrylic from Glowforge if you click the “shop” tab above. You can also get acrylic from lots of other places. You are looking for cast acrylic and for name plates I suggest you look at the selection from Johnson Plastics Plus


I can do you one better – Check out #1a:


Also ABS is laserable - so you might give it a shot - but the edges get melty so you may not like what it looks like.

The best bet for finding settings (as you’ll see if you click through on @evansd2 link he posted above) is to search in the Beyond the Manual section in the forum for the name + settings. You’ll need to read down into the threads to find answers - mostly the first post is people asking questions :slight_smile:


Are you only looking at acrylic? Or are other materials options as well?

I tried the Johnson Material and it didnt turn out good so im just going to have a Trophy shop make some and then im going to try and do some testing later on. I need to get made these made by friday. Im going to try a thicker 2 Color Material. Maybe some 1/8 inch.

Thank you for your help i appreciate everyones help.

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