Acrylic not cutting

My machine won’t cut through acrylic & is flaming. It is cutting wood.
I have :
Cleaned everything
Double checked a million times
I cut 68 toppers on the same acrylic last month
I’m not sure what else to do but cry. Someone please help.

Lens in correctly? Is your exhaust running full? Weird to have the flare like that. Strange that wood is ok.

We double checked all the fans & double checked the lenses millions of times. This is about the 8 th time for the acrylic to flame or not cut through then sometimes it will cut then miss sections but always a flame.
I cleaned the air assist fan very good

Are you using proofgrade acrylic? Support will ask that you cut the gift of good measure using proofgrade material (draftboard if you have it) to help troubleshoot the issues you are experiencing. Otherwise, they won’t offer support regarding non-proofgrade materials. From your photo, it looks like it could possibly be a focus issue…and my next idea was what @marmak3261 already asked…about your lens being put back in correctly after cleaning…it’s really easy to put it back in upside down.

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I don’t have any proofgrade materials , if I order some they would help?

I double checked the lense again. It’s correct. The magnet clicks in correctly . It’s cutting wood just not acrylic

Maybe it needs a fresh pair of eyes.

Let me explain. A few weeks ago my wife bought a “heavier” sewing machine. She is an experienced machinist and has owned more than a few over the years. Anyway, after unpacking the new machine and setting it up, all I could here from her sewing room were cries of anguish such as “stupid machine,” " how can they sell something that is obviously broken," and culminating with “I’m going to have to send this bl**dy machine back. How can they sell something that doesn’t work etc. etc.”

Now I know the square root of zilch about sewing machines, however, experience has taught me that a fresh pair of eyes may be needed to resolve a problem. I duly offered my services to “have a look,” but was met with “It won’t do any good. I’ve looked at everything!”

The problem being that the needle would go up and down, but the claw thingies that were supposed to move the material weren’t moving, so I packed her off to the kitchen to make a cup of tea, and started to peruse the manual.

I think it took me twenty seconds to identify the solution. There is a switch on the back of the machine that allows the claws to move or not.

I’m not saying that all problems can be sorted this way, but it may be worth asking someone you know to reappraise your actions and trigger that lightbulb moment.


That brown masking paper some manufacturers use has wax in the adhesive. It’s the vaporized wax making a flame follow around your cuts. If you re-mask the plastic that should go away.


Wow…talk about a pair of fresh eyes…nice! That never even entered my head.


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to go ahead and close this topic.