Acrylic One-Way / Two-Way Mirror Sources

I was contemplating a project involving a large one-way/two-way mirror, like 3-4’ by 5’. It might work a little smaller, like 3’ by 4’. My understanding is that I’d want 3/16” or 1/4” thick for something that size to not have optical distortion issues.

I found two U.S. sources: TAP Plastics and TAP doesn’t have anything that large. At the other place, it’s … spendy. $1800 USD for a piece that big. For the smaller size, it’s “only” $720.

I’m not sure what the manufacturing challenges are at that scale but, based on experience with smaller sheets of coated acrylic, that seems awfully steep.

TAP’s maximum size seems to top out at 3’ by 3’ for ~$330. I could maybe do this with two panels but, it would be better without a seam.

Anyone know of more economical sources? Or why it should be that expensive at that size?

Canal Street has up to full sheets (48x96) of 3mm, but you have to pick up locally, I would think shipping is going to be an issue.

I think your best bet is to call around and eventually someone might be able to refer you to someone that can help you. Try sign shops?


Thanks! I sometimes forget that calling around to local suppliers is a viable strategy.

I know that @shogun got some somewhere, it was thin stuff, but maybe they carry larger?

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2 Likes $780 for a 0.25" 4x8 sheet.

Hmm the prices this guy mentions for supremetech seem way too low?

This pricing seems really good, but you have to buy 50 kg at least?

Also it’s thin, also also, shipping might sink you?

Likewise: whats going on with this pricing?

Did we know this comes in gold? What?!



The stuff I got was from Amazon (SupremeTech)

The thickest I see through Amazon is .12 inches and the largest sheet is only 24 by 36. I was pleased with the thin stuff I used for this project. SupremeTech might have bigger stuff directly.


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