Acrylic s clips for nurses

I have been printing these out and donating them to local hospital around in my area.
if any one would like the design please let me know. so far i have made about a 1000 of them



@deeniazy welcome to the GF Community. I never cease to be amazed by the selflessness of the GF Community to local communities. You will fit right in. Keep up the good work.


Thank you :smiley:

This is fantastic! Would you care to share your pattern, I have so many medical people in my life I would love to donate these to!

how about ill just upload it to this post FileFace Mask Clip.pdf (5.6 KB)

I’ve been cutting them out of 3/16" Acrylic
Power: 90% on the basic model
2 passes
4.7mm focus height

You should edit your post and remove your email address and ask for PM’s. You’ll get trolled / phished pretty easily on your email.

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Thank you so much for creating this! I emailed you requesting the file. I’m hoping to make some to donate to my local healthcare workers and whomever else needs these :slight_smile:

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Can the acrylic you get in your setup work for this? I see it only says on my acrylic I got that it is medium clear acrylic. Thanks from a newbie who just set her glowforge up! :slight_smile:

Any feedback on the comfort and fit of your clip?

There is another one that has a nice adjustable design from here on the glowforge forums. We have donated 900+ so far. 1/8" acrylic. Cuts easy.