Actual Glowforge shipping?

So I got my golden email way back on the 2nd. I’ve gotten my box of material about 10 days ago, and no emails saying the actual Glowforge has shipped.

I just find that strange. I know they SAY they have 6 weeks to ship it, but everyone who has posted indicates they received the Glowforge just a mere couple days after their box of materials.

I’m getting emails from people who used MY referral link, and they are getting theirs ahead of me…which at first wasn’t a big deal, but weeks later and more are receiving theirs…it just seems strange.


:proofgrade: materials come from a completely different location.

That was true for me. However, I live considerably closer to the :proofgrade: shipping location (is it TN? I forget) than I do the Glowforge location (CA).

Did you sign up for UPS’ My Choice? That’s your best bet.

Certainly, if you’re concerned, there’s nothing wrong with posting the question to Glowforge directly in the Problems & Support category. Support staff have been excellent.


I thinck you ordered a pro. I don’t think pro dispatches have reached those that got emails on Oct 2nd yet. They are still dispatching day2 orders that got emails in Sept. Some basics have been delivered to later email receivers though.

ugh oh jesus really? That’s not good at all. Yes, this is a Pro.

They really need to get their stuff together! Thanks for the info!

I got my material almost 2 weeks before my GF.

Yeah, this. They want to be sure you have the Proofgrade pack before your Glowforge arrives (so you can get started right away) but given that the point of origin for the two shipments are on opposite sides of the continent, there’s no easy way to ensure that they arrive at the same time, or even within a couple days of each other.

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I think there was at least ten days between my Proofgrade and my Glowforge. I think my Glowforge came 22 days after the golden ticket email.

My :proofgrade: arrived within a week of my email and sat alone and lonely for 2 weeks.


The first try didn’t ship for about 2 weeks after the :proofgrade: delivered and coast to coast is five business days.

:proofgrade: comes from KY I believe?

I know the feeling I received my email on the 27th of last month got my proofgrade about a week ago as well as my inventables order just waiting for the shipped notice

Yeah UPS still hasn’t notified me that the Glowforge has shipped. So I’m going to be WELL over 30 days here next week.

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And it shipped! Delivery on Friday!!


Mine too, got the email early this morning. The :proofgrade: materials ship from Smyrna, TN (Nashville area). I got my :proofgrade: the next day as they are only 5 miles from my work address. Looks like next Friday is the day :slight_smile: for the Glowforge itself. The shipping notification (actual shipping that is) came about 3 weeks after the original shipping notice.


And this was s why it doesn’t pay to worry about stuff that is still within the stated timeframe. :smile: I hope it arrives safe & sound - you’re gonna LOVE it!


I am a day 5-6 purchaser of the pro. My proofgrade materials were delivered on the 11th. Still no shipping notification for the glowforge itself.

Shipping “US Pro orders placed on Day 17” indeed. Lol.