Actual printable size

The specs page says the working size for the basic is 11.5" x 20".

I just tried to do a design that is only 10.875" x 12", but it wouldn’t let me do it full size.

The cut was cardboard at 300/100.

I read the part about the size being slightly smaller at high speed; can you give me more info on what that means in real terms?

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The email you received when accepting the GF says 11" x 19.5". My experience shows the maximum up to 1/10" smaller in both axis but it varies according to speed and whether you are doing an engrave or cut. Faster speeds and engraves are slightly smaller than standard cuts.


An even smaller case is high speed engrave. 1000 zooms reduces the horizontal space to a little (maybe 1/16") over 18".


I just did a design that was 10.25" x 13.25" worked fine. Watch for overlap with the striped bands on the top and the sides.

Then would it be possible to update the technical specs on the website to agree with reality?

And maybe have the app tell me when it is reducing the size based on the speed that I have chosen?

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I think their intention is the other way around. They intend to increase the work size to match the website and the GFUI.

The UI does show the shrink due to engrave vs. cut with banded “no go” areas on the margin but I don’t think it changes with speed yet.


The rulers on the side of the layout screen will show the reduced size once your settings are entered. It’s not a fixed amount but varies with speed.

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Hi Eric. I think we work at the same place (my first name is Matt).

I posted the exact same thing a few weeks ago. The GF folks said they would think about it, but obviously they decided to leave the website as-is. Maybe that’s an indicator that they are hopeful abou getting that half inch back :slight_smile:

For an engrave that physical size, the odds are that any problem is about how much data you’ve got in the final raster that the GF is processing. You might want to try reducing LPI.

I played around with this today…

I have a shape that is just barely too big; I scaled it so it barely fit with my speed to 500. I then reset speed down to 100, and I was unable to scale it up.

That seems to indicate to me that in the current implementation, the size is fixed.

Maybe I should have been more clear. Any design with an engrave has variable bed size depending on speed. Haven’t checked the cuts. Here are three pictures at 3 different engrave speeds (100, 500,1000). Notice the 3 different bed borders.


Thanks @rpegg. Well said. @eric_gunnerson do you have further questions?

Yes. Why does the website say something different than what the software supports?

If you are trying to do a design and you need 11.2" square, the website will say that you can do that, when in fact you can’t. Having to go back and rework a design did not make me happy.


The website reflects the hardware specification; we’re working on updating the software to enable the full hardware capabilities. We make sure to notify every customer via email about the current range of motion before they accept delivery.

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