Added free honeycomb patterns to my website


I’ll be adding to this page a lot.


Thank you for sharing your work.


nice website, thanks for the share


Your designs look awesome. I can see a couple of them being built maybe this week. Thanks.


I bet some of my free 2D files under cnc help could work with the laser too.


Cool. I hadn’t dug that deep yet, that Wright Bro’s plane and the doll houses distracted me :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing your talent so generously. I had no idea that purchasing a Glowforge would introduce me to so many awesome people.


So kind of you to share—thanks so much!


Very happy to see you over here Phil! Almost all my X-Carve issues were resolved by reading one of your many, many posts over at Inventables :slight_smile:


Fantastic! Thanks for sharing. :grinning:


Thanks guys! I’m days away from my first cuts!


The Cub Scout Arrow of Light is great! Thanks for sharing