Adding custom designs to a premium file

I’d love to export the SVG files that are “free with premium” so that I can customize them in Illustrator rather than trying to design in the GFUI. Am I missing a step somewhere or simply asking too much? (I never like to use files straight out of the can.)

You’re not missing anything, the Catalog files are proprietary and not downloadable. :slightly_smiling_face:


well, that is a bummer.

You can download the icons I believe, if you want to add them to something you’ve designed. But structural files are locked.

You can upload your art into the catalog designs though.
Get the size of the item by clicking on it and looking at the ruler in the lower left corner - then go into your design software and design your personalizations - and then click the big + top center to upload your personalizations into the original design.


@ginnytallent14 we’ve got some instructions on how to export those designs here

For the catalog-based designs, those exports will include any of your own added artwork and settings, but not the original catalog design