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I am trying to add a new user, when the email invite is sent and the person creates an accout from the invitation email, they are not being added. They being directed to a page that asked “Which of these applies to you?”
I purchased my Glowforge, and the box has arrived.
I purchased my Glowforge, but the box isn’t here yet.
I want to be added to someone else’s Glowforge that’s already set up.

This hasn’t been an issuse in the past, is there a limited to how many users you can add? Need help resolving this ASAP.

Also I am not seeing their email under users after they accept the invite.

Are they clicking on the third option and it’s still not working?

If that’s the case, I’d reach out to support directly as they don’t monitor the forum.


Thank you, I have sent them an email.

I assume they clicked on this one?

Yes, then it just gave the message to contact the owner to be added.

Yeah, it’s not working. After “creating a new account” it just says you need to get the owner to add you as a user, which just sends another email.

Contact support.

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I’m having the same issue. I too reached out to support and haven’t heard back yet. I’ll post when I do!

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If I hear something I’ll be sure to update as well!

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Welcome to the forum!

And I hope this gets fixed quickly :slight_smile:

So after a few days someone got back to me and just said that they fixed it (which it did). I still struggle to add users more than two or three at a time without the website crashing, and I still have a few outliers who are still getting the “Which applies to you” message, but by and large most of my students can access it now.

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