Additional attachments to air hose?

In an effort to be nicer to my neighbors, I am looking at ways to reduce noise and smell from the Glowforge’s output. I have found a few things that may help, and I was wondering what you guys thought?

4" Air Duct Muffler

Haven’t found anything great for smell, other than possibly cutting one of these to size, and fitting it between the above muffler and the flexible hose.


The carbon fiber pad will probably cause too much air restriction without a booster. The muffler might work though.

You could always buy your neighbors ear and nose plugs and leave them at their doors in some nice laser cut packaging.

You’re a nicer neighbor than I am… :slight_smile:


I asked my neighbours very nicely if they could do anything about their new dog barking for 18 hours a day. Their reply? 'You’ll have to get used to it!'
So, I won’t be bothering with mufflers or filters for a while.
The dog doesn’t bark so much nowadays - or maybe I just got used to it!


Unfortunately, under most HOA’s for Condos, that isn’t much of an option due to fines they can throw at me, so it’s a bit less about ‘being nice’ in this instance


I gotta say, from my POV, it’s no louder than my vacuum cleaner while it’s running. And the smell dissipates pretty immediately outside. I don’t know you have anything to worry about.

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