Address confirmed, Where's the new date?

I got my email in the past week.
I responded to it with my shipping information.

My profile information went from having an expected “shipping” date (which is the date I should expect to receive the email) to having no date at all for the main unit. All that remains is the date for “shipping” for the air filter.

Is that how it’s supposed to go, or is there some form of countdown to anyone really building the unit?
I understand that being in the dark on timing is standard issue, but is there any way now that I’m an address-confirmed promise-haver that I can know more?


On average it takes about 3 weeks from when you provide your address until UPS delivers your Glowforge. GF probably won’t send you a tracking number until a day or two before. Signing up for UPS My Choice® may give you slightly more notice.

Your Proofgrade materials should show up first, probably in about a week.


Think the estimate shipping date (the date for your email) dissappears soon after you accept.


I got my email on Oct 17 and my machine is on its way. 2 of the 3 boxes are at my mailbox as of yesterday. Hopefully 3 ish weeks for u!


The “shipping” date on your account is when they estimate you will receive the email you already received. Therefore, once you receive it, there’s no reason to show that date. The next date you’ll get regarding shipping will be from UPS.