Adhesive Tape

What type of adhesive tape does everyone use instead of glue? I’m thinking about purchasing some 3m adhesive but not sure what specific number I need.

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That would depend on what you are using it for.


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The type of adhesive you require depends on its use. What materials, what size, indoor/outdoor, etc.

There are lots of discussion threads here in the forum regarding 3M tape. Here is one to start you off. 3M Tape


Thanks for the fast reply! I will be using it to make layered decor pictures. I have a heck of a time using glue, keep getting what my wife calls glue boogers, lol. I use medium basswood or walnut plywood.


The thinnest I’ve got is 0.024", but they released 5906 - 0.006", 5907 - 0.008", 5908 - 0.010", and5909 - 0.012"

That said, if you use an appropriate applicator, you can get some really clean results with regular wood glue. The fine tip on this puts out a bead about 1mm wide.

I’ve also used these little bottles - not these exactly, and without the “syringe” tips - those are handy for thin adhesives like Weld-On for acrylic.


I love those baby sized Glu-Bots


Do those 30Mililiter Precision needles work good with applying glue? Do you just squeeze the glue you want to use from its bottle into one of the bottles in the kit?

I use 3M 468MP for all my layered pieces. I work mainly with acrylic and wood and it works perfectly. Heres a link to where I buy mine :


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