Adhesives decision chart


Here’s an adhesives chart that might be of value.

Beta project nine (Maple Dominoes)
Glowforge shipping date, beta releases, and bonus materials
Accessorizing Your Glowforge (Like the Fashion Industry)

Awesome thanks for the info!


The more I look into stuff to do with the Glowforge, the more I feel like I have to learn about other stuff like materials, wood work, leather, finishes, etc. Resources like this are very helpful, especially since I’m clueless. Thank you for sharing!


This site offers similar info (with detailed notes for specific situations):


You are very welcome!


I wish there were a site for laser safety info on adhesives.


That I think will evolve quickly. There is going to be many thousands of new laser users just this year.

“He’s dead Jim.”


this is great, wonder about specific laser safe product for each category