Adjustable Stand Redux

I had my Pusher Man adjustable stand with the living hinge and it worked well for about any shape or size project if not handled too much.
If you handle the living hinge too much it tends to snap, so I have come up with another stand that will handle any size project. From phone for zoom call, to tablet, to that long Thang you designed.

I bring you the Simple Stand. The width of the crosspiece is the only project width cap.
You must adjust the slot in the stand itself for the thickness of the material you selected.
In order to work well, it should be a snug fit… The default is for 0.185 plywood.
The SVG is in the ZIP file below.
3 inch simple (1.9 KB)

Previous Adjustable Stand - Pusherman.


Wife just glued 4 of them together for a zoom call phone stand.
This is why we cannot have nice things - sigh.

Regardless, that also worked pretty well, so experiment and have fun with this thing.


Thanks! A universal stand, pretty sweet idea!


Thank you this will be put to good use!! Thanks for the share!


I’m going to check it out to see if it will work for me. Thanks for the share.

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Oh hey, that looks pretty useful—thanks!


Thank you!

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Freaking awesome, thank you.

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