Versatile Stand Design – Gol Dang Da Pusherman (STILL Free For All)

Versatile Stand Design – Gol Dang Da Pusherman.

I am in between projects and decided to post a versatile stand I have used for anything not getting nailed to a wall. (actually just putting off the glowforge cleaning I need to do today – don’t tell mom).

I was having problems finding a hanger for a lot of designs because they were on such skinny lumber, so this was invented to put them on a counter or shelf instead.

A lot of designs can be scored onto them, but the Pusher and HiKick have come out as my favorites. Also room for your name, tag. or logo in the middle of the stand if you desire.

Included are 3 SVG (Pusher, HiKick, and Tower). Plus some bonus usage files for anyone who may need them.

I have been using 0.11 to 0.125 wood. When thicker was tried it seemed to limit the flexing. Changing from the simplistic living hinge model used to something else may remedy this.

Hopefully they will be useful for someone.
Happy Trails. (6.3 MB)


Thanks for your designs.

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Super useful! Thanks for sharing.


Very snap! :grinning:

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Cool and innovative design! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for reminding me of a great song. Put on headphones and the extended sound travels from one ear across the top of your head and to the other ear. Pusher!

It’s so versatile just by changing that support piece! Nice job and thanks for sharing!

Great use for those leftover scraps! And functional too!

Awesome! Exactly the kind of utilitarian stuff we need posted. Thank YOU!

Thank you for the files

Thank you! This is great!

Still a free design for all.

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