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I am trying to figure out how to use a full sheet 12X20 on my bed. When I put it on, I am getting measurements off. I am currently on the tray catcher that came with my glowforge. However when I was trying to look at measurements I had to shift my materials 5/8" to the left and 1 3/4" down off of the catch just to get the to the top left edge of my materials. I also noticed by doing this the measurements I have shows I am on the full 12"x20" space and I know I cannot see all the materials.
Do I have to build a bed that isn’t as deep in order to get the accurate measurements and full use of the 12X20 space? I was under the impression that the camera would auto adjust the measurements with the distance from my material? I am using a piece of medium acrylic for my current findings.

Unfortunately the useable area is something like 10.9 inches x 19.5 or somewhere close to that. The strip at the top and the left side can’t be reached by the laser. If you look you will see the top of a 12 inch board is sitting behind the head when it is all the way to the rear. You have to plan your projects accordingly and use those excess strips for smaller jobs.


If you look at the printhead in the home position, you will see there is material behind it as well as to the left of it. The printhead cannot access these areas. You can get the full benefit of 12 x 20 sheets, but not in one cut. As stated above, the maximum cutting area is 10.9 x 19.5. If your design includes engraves, the usable area is even smaller.


Also, engrave areas can get even smaller if you choose a high speed.

The Tech Specs for the :glowforge: are here:


Plan around the limits. These two pieces are a full sheet of proofgrade.

Two operations, but used it all.


I can work with a bit of a smaller area. But that raises the question of the measurements within the app. The space is full going all the way to 12X20". Doesn’t this mean that the actual measurements are off if trying to use those rulers?

No. As stated, the workable print area is less than 20x12, and it’s in the specs.

Here’s what’s left of a 20x12 sheet if you cut a maximum-sized rectangle from it. This was my guide before we had “precision positioning”.


There are greyed out margins within that 12x20 area that prevent you from placing artwork in the full extent of the 12x20 space. If you put a 1" square on the app, it shows up as 1" against the rulers, and will be 1" in size in the real world after being cut (minus some kerf – the amount of material the laser vaporizes when cutting).


I admire beautiful cuts like this that make the most of the material. :clap::clap::clap: Mine look more like Swiss cheese.


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