Camera potentially misaligned


We just received our first Glowforge and have been learning quite a bit with it. I noticed the camera was off almost right away, but thought maybe that was normal. The more I work on it and find limitations on two sides, the more I think I should check with the community to see if it really is normal. I did a calibration and see that the image is just barely off in one corner. Is this how the camera looks for everyone? Thanks for the help,


You should find that top and left of the bed fall outside the usable area that the lid camera will show you. This is normal. I think it’s roughly an inch in both directions…(2.54cm?)

Not seeing an issue from that picture.

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The lid camera has a fisheye lens. Your photo looks normal to me.

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Good enough for me! Thanks everyone for chiming in and clarifying this. It seems weird initially, but you can’t use that area anyway, so no biggie. Thanks again!

See here for usable print area:

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