Adobe Illustrator - Embedding a Raster Image


Embedding a Raster Image in an Illustrator File.pdf (860.6 KB)

Needed GFUI Features

Oh! I’ve never actually done this - great tip!


I would love to see what you print button escutcheon looks like.


Still on my todo list. :slight_smile:


Hope it’s OK to add this here @Jules. I had this saved and thought it was a nice accompaniment to your tutorial.


Looks good! :grinning:


I love you. All of you.
Thank you for the tutorials.
I’m sick of banging my head against the wall trying to figure this out by the “feel, felt, found” method.
I know, read the directions.

Thanks for providing the directions.


I love the “Glowfolk” logo.


One of our tutorial writers, @johnwills , came up with that. (He did a fantastic job!) :heart_eyes:


Aww, thanks, @whitetigertooth and @Jules! I can’t remember who originally came up with the term but it seemed to fit perfectly. The logo just popped into my mind one night while catching up on the forum.