Adventures in card making (on cardstock)

I can sense the love! Your cards are wonderful.

Just another card to share, this one I made for my wife. Was hoping to make a fancy pop up card (a la’ LovePop cards style-check them out if you haven’t seen them, they are amazing.)

Anyways, I ended up kinda copying their front cover from one card and finding a design for the inside. The red sections are cut out with red felt glued between the layers. Also played around with engraving card stock a bit and I like how it turned it. Kindla a light caramel gold colored engrave.

I tried slowing the speed down to 200 and lowering the power, but didn’t notice much reduction in the corner rounding burns. They aren’t bad in any case.


Beautiful! The rose cards look professional!


Simply gorgeous!

Really nice!

WoW - They really do look professional (or better) like @Jules said! What do you use to hold down the cardstock (protect movement from air assist)?


Thanks for the inspiration!

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I just taped around the edges of the paper with painters tape, keeping most of it on the crumb tray and about 1/8" on the cardstock. It’s been working really well for me. One of the pics in the first post show the tape.


how did you get it to just cut out the lines and not engrave the entire image? The only setting I can get paper/and adding artwork to work on is engrave, not cut?

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Hmm, I just uploaded my artwork as SVG files. In illustrator or whatever vector software you are using you set the lines to have a stroke, but no fill. Glowforge sets strokes as cut by defualt and fills as engrave. However, if you upload a SVG file with fill, in the Glowforge interface where you adjust the power/speed settings for each element, if you hit the little dropdown arrow/chevron, there is an option called “Convert to cut” or “Convert to Engrave” that should allow you to switch between cutting the outline and engraving…


I’ve had great results so far with the hold-down pins on cardstock cuts—though making sure to manage cut order well because the fan can ruin even the best of well-secured-paper-edge plans.


wow nice job question where i can get the svg

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Reminder - per our guidelines, it’s against forum rules to ask for free design files.


My favorite rule! That’s a rule I adopted in a Facebook group


Here is my “oh,no, Sunday.Nothing is open” SEKLEMA board for paper… $4.00 11" x 14" x .050 acrylic + transfer paper tape (low tack) i had on hand…

Worked great even with fan on.


Your wife did great work :joy:


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Just got my Seklema mat so I am itching to do some cards. Thank you everyone for the setting suggestions