Advice on cast iron

Hey guys. I have a customer who owns a gym and wants me to engrave his logo on his cast iron barbells. I don’t want to just test it cause it’s kinda a one shot thing, I only have one barbell. Didn’t know if anyone has done it ow not or has any advice on doing it.
Thanks you guys are the best!

Engraving on cast iron :slight_smile:

That being said every piece of material is slightly different - so there’s no guarantee this is gonna work. Of course, if they fit in the GF they’re tiny dumbbells so shouldn’t be pricey for your customer to replace if they don’t like it


As cast iron rusts almost instantaneously I’m assuming they are coated with something and that something is probably different than the seasoning on a pan.

However, we are talking about removing a coating from cast iron. You will not wreck the cast iron. So take a guess and engrave. DO NOT MOVE THE BARBELL. If it doesn’t work run it again. Repeat until it works or you give up.

Just to clarify, these aren’t the plastic coated ones correct? If they are find out what the coating is made of before you laser it.


Best bet iso en spray paint, and then lase that off.

What Carbis2 says above is the right answer, IMO.

^^^ This. :wink: