Advice on sending in for a tube replacement

I’ve sent my third email to Glowforge about tube replacement for my machine. It’s taking forever to cut if it cuts through at all. How long does it take to send and return? Do they just replace the tube or do they check other components?

They do not offer repairs or tube replacement. They will sell you a refurbished machine.


The quickest way to shorted the support process for issues cutting is to send them a photo of the results of printing the gift of good measure and the timestamp that you printed it at. They will always ask for that when evaluating cutting and so it saves time by giving the information to them before they ask.

Also, they do not send users tubes for replacement.


From what I saw in my makerspace, they were pretty quick. And, yes, it’s a refurbished machine. It feels like getting a brand new one, honestly. I haven’t had to send my personal machine in yet.


Send images of all issues for sure.
Built in to every glowforge is the ability change the meaning of the numbers specific to each machine. That is why 320 speed is not specific as 320 (?) per (?), but 320 will make the same cut on every machine. If you make the GOGM they have the ability to use that standard to set the machine right up to a point.

If it is beyond that point they will exchange it for a refurbished machine equivalent to what is expected to be the repair cost plus shipping two ways.

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