Afinity Designer - Artboards

I have come across an issue that has me stumped. While making a 3d Lake map, using Afinity Designer, I have come to a road block. the map, as created, is larger than what I want the finished product to be. According to other sources, the key is to use an Artboard, to create a cropped pdf. according to Afinity help, when exported, with the artboard, only the portion within the artboard will be saved. When I do this, and view the pdf, using adobe, it does as advertised, and only shows what I wanted. However, when I download it to the Dashboard, the complete map is presented… loosing the cropping I wanted. I know all data is actually saved in the PDF file, and it is left to the program reading the file to only present what was selected within the Artboard… Does anyone know of a way to crop a PDF file, where only the wanted information will be used by Glowforge Dashboard?

Your issue is related to clipping masks - when you cropped your image. This thread may help, and if not there are quite a few other posts about clipping mask work arounds. Cutting out rasters in Affinity Designer

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Most frustrating. Now that I know of the limitations of Glowforge Dashboard, I can work around the problem.

I ran into this when I was doing my extra large monogram cut. I finally used a rectangle around the area I wanted and then Divide boolean. Don’t know if that will help in your case.

Do you have access to the Adobe Suite? If that can be of any help, I have access and would love to help if I can.

No, sorry. Not yet. But the way things are going, I might out grown Afinity, at which point I may consider Adobe. Right now, the price has me a little hesitant.