Afterblow - new ventilation of the head

Me and a couple of other Dutch forgers noticed that after a job, when the head has moved home and the main fan has stopped venting the fan in the head starts to vent for a couple of seconds. Has there been an update of the firmware?


Yes, it was updated earlier this week, including this change.


Is there somewhere these smaller updates are published for us to see?

No, I don’t think so.

@dan, you think this is something the team could share? If we could see the details on even the smaller updates pushed out it would eliminate a lot of churn and discussion with folks trying to figure out if a new behavior is intended or is a sign of a problem.


Don’t hold your breath.

Secretiveness is the Glowforge way.

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I totally understand the importance of secrecy during development and testing. But once it is complete and you’ve pushed it officially to the public, what’s the purpose of the secrecy? There are for sure some firmware updates that are invisible to us but there are the ones that actually change the function or workflow of the machine. Their support staff could spend time on folks with actual issues preventing them from using their Forge.


Not to mention silent changes to the engraving power curve that could cause repeat jobs to waste material.

Anything that changes functionality should be in release notes with dates. So before you start a job you can review the changes since you last ran it so see if something will affect it.


@MechanicalGoose Thanks for the suggestion and feedback! I’ll make sure the team gets it.

@darkdesign Thanks for letting me know about this. I’m checking on it, and I’ll update the topic when I have more information.

Thank you for your patience.
Our team is investigating now. In the meantime, the behavior you’re describing is harmless and doesn’t impact the operation of your Glowforge.