Aftermarket CPU Cooling Fan (motherboard)

Hey GF Community,

Like quite a few of you all, I have run into the ‘cooling down’ issue and it is only early in the season.

I have purchased an aftermarket CPU Liquid Cooling system, MasterLiquid Lite 240, from

(Now I am not versed in super technical things with CPU’s) but, I am needing to plug into a 4 head pin connector and 3 head pin connector, which is usually on a CPU Motherboard.

I am trying to figure out how to power this fan and hope this wasn’t a ‘quick late night’ purchase that I didn’t do enough research on.

Thank you so much in advance for any and all help!


Are you planning on using that somehow in your Glowforge?

Curious how you plan to put it to use.


My goal is to essentially put it underneath the air intake in the bottom right corner and have it push cold air into the machine.

Not sure if I can plug into the motherboard or I need to find a male adapter for the pins and plug it into the wall.

I am open for whatever ideas you all have.

Hm, Someone did something kind of like this with a water cooling fan, let’s see if I can find it. One sec.

Ah, it was @gamn1958. Always thought this was a clever idea.

Unfortunately, Gamn isn’t super active, but they do come around still. Maybe there will be some suggestions.

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There is already a relatively high power fan inside the air inlet, you need to ensure what you are making does not restrict the existing airflow. It’s not as powerful (or loud) as the exhaust fan, but it still moves a decent amount of air. Anything you add needs to be at least that same volume or higher.

As to power, you can buy all kinds of power supplies on amazon, ebay, etc., you will just need to ensure your gadget runs on power alone, without a control signal that it would normally expect from a motherboard.

You certainly can’t plug it into the Glowforge. There is no additional power capability for accessories.


Yes, the last thing I want to do is block another fan.
I have been seeing videos where people take an old barrel outlet plug, splice the wires and connect that way, but if possible, I’d like to just buy the 3 and 4 pin pronged that goes directly into the wall outlet, if that may be a thing?

I don’t really know what to search to find it.
(You know those late night purchases after a drink or two and you don’t think it all through?)
Yeah…that was this, in regards to the power :joy:

The 4 pin runs the fan, this would be +12V, Tach, Gnd, PWM (Not in that order going from memory), where is the 3 pin wire is for the pump and that is the same without the PWM. You could wire it to a 12V power supply to run without a computer but you would need to wire up a simple circuit to control the PWM signal to the main fans and just ignore the Tach lines.

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coolerguys Fan Power Supply 100-240V AC to 12V DC 1A Output 3PIN or 4PIN PWM Connector

But this won’t solve your pump problem.

How does this one look @evansd2??

I hopefully made a better purchase on this go around! :rofl:

USB A Male to Dual 4PIN PWM OR 3PIN Fan Connector with ON/Off Toggle

I mean it looks maybe ok? I can’t say for sure, I’ve never tried it. You might want to check your fans and pump and see how much power they require (if you don’t get wattage then amps will work here, it’s a good substitute for power when the voltage is constant like this).

If it provides enough power for the fans and the pump then maybe it’s worth a shot? Can always return it and as long as you don’t provide too many bolts you’re not likely to kill it.

You’ll want to verify your pin configuration on the fan and pump and be sure you’re not reversing the polarity, but other than that if it is the correct voltage and power Id probably give it a shot, myself.