Ahh a fresh stack of materials

Atlanta hardwoods for the win. 45 full 12x20 sheets of Baltic birch, and about 20 full sheets of Meranti lauan ply. $61.50, cut to size.

Now to go test that Meranti. Initial search seemed to indicate that it’s safe, if anyone knows otherwise please let me know :wink:


Let me know how your 1/4" Baltic Birch cuts for you. I purchased a sheet and cut it down from Dixy Plywood Co. and although the exterior is flawless they appear to use filler for some of the internal voids (at least in the stuff they gave me) the GF has trouble cutting through the filler material and I often have parts that are not fully cutout. Interested to see if the guy in the lumber yard gave me the wrong stuff, if you don’t have issues its likely.

Let me know how it works for you!

It’s 1/8" and I’ve not had issues with it before.

Assume you read this one that I posted ages ago? It might work with 1/4 as well if you have a bright enough light?


Do you have a link for Atlanta hardwoods?

Nope but google does! :slight_smile:

Edit: http://www.hardwoodweb.com/wp/

They’re better in person though. Not much of an online presence.

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Yeah, their website is pretty unfriendly.

Does this means you got 65 1/8" boards of 12x20 in size for a total price of $61.50? That’s a great deal.

Yup. About $15 for a 5’x5’ sheet of B.B., which is 3x5 full 12x20 pieces.

The new stuff I got is even cheaper (Meranti Lauan) at $12 or so for 4’x8’, but the quality isn’t as good.



That’s half the price of a full sheet of BB around here.

Where’s around here? I hunted for a while before I found atl hardwoods, the irony being that it’s less than 2 miles from my house. Maybe you have a hidden gem too?

I’m in CT. Nothing but Woodcraft locally carrying real BB. No Rockler or other generally cheaper source and for some reason despite being in the middle of the woods, not much in terms of mills or another decent wood store.

Road trip?

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