AI shows one line for outlines, SVG doubles it

Sooo… my original AI designs are double-cutting on the GF. I found out that what is showing as a single-line path in the .ai file has mysteriously doubled, when saving as an SVG.

Here is a zoomed in Outline view on the .ai file:

And here it is after saving it as an SVG:

These are my export settings:

I’m using the most recent version of AI CC for Windows. I’m stumped!

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In AI, switch to Outline mode before saving the file, and zoom WAY in close. You’ll find the double tapped lines that way and can adjust them before saving the file.

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That first screenshot is in Outline mode, zoomed in to 1200% The lines are not doubled up there.

Oh sorry…missed that part. Hang on…

Its almost like it is tracing the edges of the stroke, which… I dunno why it would do that.

Is the stroke centered? It’s one thing we’ve noticed before with the interpretation of the file contents…if the stroke is inside or outside it does tend to expand the results before saving the SVG.

Other than that…maybe uncheck the Use Textpath Element box. (I have a different version of AI but that might be doing something to it.)


Someone else just suggested that… I’m not familiar with stroke alignment, so I’m taking a look :slight_smile:

It was the stroke alignment :slight_smile: I change it to center, and no more double-lines. Woot! :slight_smile: Thanks!!


Great! :grinning:

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And now I know a dirtyway to get heavier lines - just by setting a thicker stroke and setting the alignment to either inner or outer. Devil is in the details for sure!


You didn’t trust me to fix it!? :wink:

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LOL! You got to it first. I wandered over here after googling symptoms before I sent you the .ai file - saw similar things, but none of the solutions fit, so figured I’d crowdsource an answer :wink:

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Since you’re using the current version of AI you could avoid the SVG interpretation errors altogether with the copy/paste method :slightly_smiling_face:. Using the keyboard copy selected artwork in AI then paste with keyboard into the dashboard page of the GFUI. I’ve never had a design misinterpreted when imported this way.

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Oh now THAT sounds useful! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Oh was @jbmanning5 the other person who suggested it? (Man, you can’t trust that guy. He has zero experience with this.) :smile::wink:

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LOL, yes! I was mining his expertise elsewhere, hahaha.

I haven’t tested, but I don’t know if that will solve the issue with having a stroke set to other than center, since SVG doesn’t support a non-center stroke.


Interesting, I hadn’t encountered it yet but you are correct.

Copy/pasted from AI: Square set to inside and circle set to outside on left, centered on right, 1/8" stroke on all. This could be quite a time saver when iterating if one can keep it straight.


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Yeah, there’s no way to specify stroke alignment in SVG so pretty much every drawing program does the same thing when exporting to SVG: they expand the stroke into a filled shape if it’s not center-aligned.

Stroke alignment was being worked on by the SVG people but they couldn’t agree on the details of how to handle some weird edge cases so instead they just dropped it entirely and decided it will have to wait for some future version. (This would be called the stroke-position property. It appeared in early drafts of SVG 2 but it doesn’t look like it will end up in the final spec. But it seems like something that could be likely to return in 2.1.)

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I love this forum because there are people here who know this stuff.