Air Assist Alert - Basically Brand New Machine

Hey guys!

First time calling long time reader. :wink:

I got an alert today for the first time telling me my air assist fan wasn’t spinning fast enough. It stopped my print completely wasting the proofgrade material I was using. (Which was annoying!)

I followed the instructions and unseated the print head and cleaned the contacts and re-seated it.
That didn’t work, so I followed the instructions to clean the fan with compressed air, and that didn’t work.

I then removed the fan and cleaned it completely with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip and then blew it dry with a can of compressed air, the fan looked practically new.

Still didn’t work. :frowning_face:

I’ve got orders that I need to cut for a convention that I’m going to in a little more then a week, and I’d love to get this thing working again.

I’ve only been cutting proofgrade materials and I’ve really only had the thing for just over a month.

Not using magnets to hold down my material either! (Meant to put this in here originally >_>)


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Are you using magnets :magnet: to hold your material?


Nope no magnets, I should have put that in the main post as well!


You might check the pins on the bottom of the print head (that make contact with the plates on the carriage) and make sure none of those are stuck/that they each depress.

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Tried that as well, they seem to be fine. The contact points on the gantry are fine as well. (I also rubbed them down with some rubbing alcohol just to make sure)

They may be able to work some magic for you…

I believe the fan also has a connector back there. That may be worth checking.

Might be worth also reseating the ribbon cable that plugs into the head.

Aside from that, I think you’ll probably have to wait for a reply from official support. :slight_smile:

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Tried those as well!

I appreciate the help though!

I’m probably going to have to wait for support to get back to me, I sent them an email before I opened up this thread.

FYI both opening a thread here and sending an email will actually slow down the process of getting back to you - they have to search for duplicate tickets, verify it’s a true duplicate, and close them first. It doesn’t take a lot longer, but it does take longer.

Next time do one or the other, but not both (true of Chat as well)

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Noted! Hopefully there won’t be a next time, but I shall do one or the other not both!

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So I had some contact with customer support, and they said this was a new feature and the developers were still tweaking it.

They changed something on their end and now I can print again, but it seems that my fan is just no longer spinning at all.

This has been causing more visible smoke and when I cut acrylic a visible flame. (I won’t be doing that again until I hear back from them)

I’m still working with them via email, but I wanted to update this thread for people that might be having the same issues that I am/was.

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Thank you for checking on those things, and I’m sorry for the continued trouble. It looks like there’s a problem with your air assist fan itself, and I’d like to send a replacement part to take care of this for you. I’ll be following up very shortly via email with next steps. Thanks for your patience.