Air assist alert instructions did't fix my Air assist alert issue

I got the print head error for not enough fan air assist. followed the below instructions

That didn’t solve my issue so I continued with the fan cleaning:

Still, have the same error.

No magnets whatsoever.

Is there any additional things to try? There is no way to individually test components that I can see.

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Are you using any magnets (neodymium ones especially) to hold your material down?

If so, remove them away from your material and the machine and see if that resolves it. Neodymium magnets can stop the fan as it traverses over them.


No magnets whatsoever. I’ll update the OP.

I’ve never had that warning so I don’t know, does the machine still operate or does it stop? Did you recently notice any change in the velocity of the smoke blowing toward the front door? Or an increase in flairing?

That’s too bad. That would have been a simple fix.

Did you check both fans & connectors by the way? There’s the air assist one that’s in the back of the head and there’s also the tiny one in the head. May be worth checking the tiny one too.

But barring the connector to the assist fan not being snapped in tight I think the simple fixes are exhausted. (I don’t recall where the other end of the cable goes but maybe worth a try at disconnecting and reconnecting all of the wire loom connections in there in the event one if them is loose and impacting this. Also I’d check to see if the fan is actually spinning using either an endoscope camera or a cell phone on the bed.)

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I’m so sorry for the trouble.

We’ve made a small change that should get you back up and printing for now.

I’ve got some things to follow up with you about in email, so I’m going to close this thread.