Air assist fan error - brand new carriage plate

Urgent help please!!

On year 5 of my glowforge, and it’s giving me hundreds of headaches each day. Lately it’s been the air assist fan error that’s most prominent; I clean this all the time, and finally gave in and bought a new carriage plate as suggested by glowforge. It worked for about two hours and now won’t even start a print. I’ve cleaned every inch of the machine and checked every belt and don’t know what else to do. I have a backup machine ordered, but it’s of course been lost by UPS. I use my glowforge for business and I’m getting really tired of telling customers their orders are delayed. Any suggestions for getting the machine to stick with me a few more hours?? Please please help :pray: I’m sorry if this is in the wrong forum spot; I am so tired. Any help is much appreciated.

I’m not sure if this is much help, but did you try removing and reinserting the carriage plate?

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The air assist issue can be a cabling or connector issue, and if you are getting the same error with a new carriage plate, then that is quite probable. That is not something you can resolve.

The machine is designed to last 2 years, I am also on year 5 but mine hasn’t got much life left in it. Early adopters tended to get much higher quality machines but I will have no regrets when I have to take mine to the recycle center. I am considering pulling the tube and making into a piece of wall-art.


Hahaha okay good to know. Honestly this makes me feel so much better - I’ve been going a bit nuts trying to solve the problem. Might borrow your idea and turn the machine into some wall art :slight_smile: really appreciate your response- thank you :pray:

Thank you! Wish that worked but no luck :frowning:

I agree with @eflyguy wrt the wiring. Before junking the machine I would very closely inspect any wiring going to that fan. Since it is already broken you can’t really hurt anything by prodding and poking. You may just get lucky and find something you can actually fix yourself. Good luck. We are all headed down that road.

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Thank you!! As soon as my new machine arrives (if UPS ever finds it :sob::crazy_face:) I think I’ll start poking around in the wires, see what I can learn. Technology is the coolest and the most frustrating thing ever.

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