Air Assist Fan Error Glowforge Basic


Any tricks for the Air assist fan error for glowforge basic. I’ve cleaned and replaced both fans on the laser head and gantry.

I have not replaced the black lid cable yet. But I did ensure it was securely latched.

Generally that error occurs when the fan at the back of the carriage plate can’t get up to full speed.

Presumably if you’ve replaced the fan it’s fully clean - but just in case, note that material gets stuck under the chute at the base of that fan.

If that’s clear, also check the contacts between the head and the carriage plate.


I’ve made two cuts since replacing it. So it was working until today. Any other suggestions?

Sounds like maybe a wire wasn’t fully connected and it’s fallen loose in those two cuts?


The black cable would have no involvement in problems with that fan. I made a lot of problems for myself using magnetic hold-downs as the fan will not spin if in a magnetic field.
Beyond that I would nod in agreemant with the suggestions above.


This reply did not solve my issue. I just installed a new carriage plate and fan direct from glowforge and I still have the air assist error.

Yes, you said that above - did you see my comment below that?

Do check for loose wires? Yeah I did that for the two fans. Not sure what other wires to check

The ones you replaced would be the ones to check. :frowning: I wish we could think of something else!

When you plugged in the new carriage, did you double check the plug. There is a sensor in the head that reports if the fan is turning or the head is over-heating and that info goes through one of the pins on that plug.

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