Air Assist Fan Error/Incorrect Speed

I keep getting the air assist fan error stating it isn’t running at the proper speed - though it is cleaned & the fan rotates smoothly when turned.
I see no damage/melting or build up either.
I do not use magnets, though I have in the past with no issues.
I’m at a loss as to what to do next.
I keep putting faith in this machine, as I’m learning more and more every day though it seems once one problem is resolved, another appears.

This caused a MAJOR issue with my holiday orders and I had to purchase a $400 laser off amazon to continue producing. I need this resolved as quickly as possible to keep faith in the Glowforge brand. The last time I tried to contact customer service it took two weeks to get a solution I ended up resolving on my own due to my own inexperience.

Does anyone know what more I can do or am I going to have to order off market pieces to fix this issue?

Looks like the contacts might need to be cleaned. Use a pencil eraser to clean the four square contacts

I think my thumb smudged it before this photo - but it still gave me the error after cleaning those little squares

The pictures are helpful! I have had the exact same thing. Here is your issue:

Your trace right to the left is lifted. It will cause the fan speed issue. It is the trace that is carrying the signal from the carriage plate pads :frowning: I opted for a replacement print head. There are some options to fix it your self but its a bit of a task.


Oh no! I didn’t even catch this! good eye! What is the cost of a replacement print head?

It use to be 650 but they took off 200 if you sent back your print head. I have heard lately it is 650 and you have to send back your print head :frowning:

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