Air assist fan Error issue

I keep getting this error:

Air assist fan error

The air assist fan on the carriage plate is not running at the correct speed. Try reseating your printer head following these steps.
I have followed the instructions, tried again and then followed these instructions for the next step:

I am still gettng the same error… ( And My fan was already clean)
What now?

Are you using any magnets to hold down your work?


Carefully check the white cable to the head.

Nope, still not working. It makes no sense to me.

Hopefully someone else can come up with some better ideas.

Thanks for trying!

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Sorry for asking, but I don’t know you level of Glowforge experience. The air assist fan is by the head. This is NOT the exhaust fan in the back, nor the air intake under the right side. Are you sure the air assist fan is clean?

lol it’s ok, I know which one it is, and I have cleaned all of them, I’ve checked all the contacts to make sure they are clean also. It acts like its going to cut then the orange light comes on and say print stopped and i get the error. I’ve enev unplugged it and left it for awhile and tried again. same thing.

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I even made sure the tiny fan on the back of the print head is clean. I try to keep them clean because I do engravings and I know how bad they can get. I was working great yesterday, just not at all today.

Just a thought, have you cleared your cache? Maybe a different browser? Nothing to lose…

I have fixed it. I took it apart again to check the fan again and there was small pieces of debris lodged in the fan. Put it back together again and it is working perfectly now.


Congratulations! I dread the day I have to trouble shoot something.

lol yes! but I was determined to fix it myself knowing that it would be a few days since it is the holiday season.

Oh no! I’m sorry that you ran into trouble with the air assist fan. It’s great to hear that you were able to get back up and running. When you see this alert, after reseating the head, removing the carriage plate and checking the fan is definitely a great next step.

Since this was resolved, I’m going to close this post. If you have any more trouble, please start a new post or email us at

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