Air assist fan error keeps popping up

I have only had this glowforge since September and I keep getting air assist fan errors, I have done all the steps it asks me to do and did a deep clean and it still pops up. It is so annying b/c I have orders to fulfill and I keep wasting material with these messages b/c the print just stops in the middle of printing. I have attached photos of my fan to show that it is clean and it spins freely when I turn the blade. Please help!!!

Also, side note, I am new to this machine and I noticed that sometimes when it is printing I see a fire flame from the laser when cutting material, is this normal?

Are you using magnets to hold down your material? Did you remove the fan housing and clean out that area? Did you use a brush to clean both sides of the fan blades?

It is normal to see some flame as you are cutting with fire. It should not burn continuously.


yes I use small magnets to hold down material b/c the pegs don’t hold down very well when I am cutting warped wood. I also did clean both sides of the fan blades, I took the back silver part of the fan off and cleaned that side of fan. the pic shows the magnets I use. I also have always used an ac infinity fan and not the interior glowforge fan and thought that might have been the issue, but I took it off and used the glowforge fan instead and I still got the error message. I have heard that the magnets can cause an issue, so I will try to print again without the magnets and see if that works.

The inline fan has nothing to do with the air assist fan. The magnets could be the problem. What happens without them?


A clean fan on a machine that new should work reliably. It’s almost certainly the magnets.


I took out the magnets and it worked! Cross your fingers that is the issue. I get nervous every time I start printing again that I will get that error message again. I hope I won’t have to get back on here in a couple of days with the same issue lol thanks for your help! :grinning:


There will be people here that will try to help whenever you have problems. I am glad this was a simple fix. Some people use magnets without issue, but they are careful that the magnets are placed far enough from where the head travels to not cause problems.

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Those look like rare earth magnets which are really strong. Great for holding down materials like wood but not great for your assist fan.

I use ceramic magnets a lot in my machine, which are about as strong as a standard fridge magnet. They are great for holding down fabric, fine for the assist fan, but not strong enough to hold down wood or heavy materials.

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These are a good alternative to using magnets and work really well.

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I am having the same problem as well but I do not use magnets often - when I do however I have never had a problem. I created a topic so that support will reach out to me soon, but I know how slow they are to respond and since it is the holiday season it’s probably longer. My business really needs my issue fixed as quickly as possible.

I’ve been thinking abut investing in another one for a back up as all my files/designs are in the glowforge program. This how ever may be the sign to go to a new laser brand. I’m so torn and upset.

Support does not participate in these discussion forums. The only way to open a ticket is to use the ‘contact us here’ link on the main support page.

The Glowforge is not a business-class machine, it is designed for hobbyists/crafters.

Good to know - Do you know where I could find information on business class machines? or perhaps have a recommendation?

Business lasers would include those sold by Trotec, Universal, and Epilog to name three.


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