Air Assist Fan error. Need help

I am continuing to get an error message that my Air Assist Fan is not working at the correct speed,

I have cleaned the fan as required steps and replaced the fan with no luck.

Any help is appreciated!

Are you using magnets to hold your material down?

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No I am not using any magnets. I just set a full sheet in with no problems

If the fan is clean and functioning, the issue is most ;likely related to poor connection of one or more of the four circuits that provide power to the air assist fan, and feedback for monitoring fan speed and performance. The four contacts run across the circuit board attached to the carriage plate assembly, then make contact with a set of spring connectors at the bottom of the printer head, if any of these connections is dirty or any of the spring contacts are clogged with debris and unable to rebound normally, this can cause the type of issues you’re having.

Start by confirming that none of the fan wires are frayed, that are all securely fastened to the terminal ends and that the connector housing is clean and securely fastened. Pull the housing off of the carriage plate assembly then reconnect it several times to ensure that the contacts are scraped free of any smoke debris.

After that, move on to the contact pads at the other end of the carriage plate assembly, wipe them clean using an alcohol pad or alcohol on a cotton swab, let them dry before scrubbing them clean using a pencil eraser.

Then the last step is to inspect and clean the four spring contacts at the bottom of the printer head, again using alcohol pads or a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, wipe the contacts clean and test their rebound ability. If any of the contacts do not rebound normally, try soaking the contact with alcohol by concentrating an alcohol dipped cotton swab on the contact for a minute or two, while working the contact spring to loosen it. After that has been completed, or if all the contacts rebound normally, let them dry and scrub them clean using a pencil eraser.

And lastly, reassemble and test.


I have tried all of the above mentioned even tested connections with a multimeter to ensure connection is there. I have upload pictures for reference

That’s a very clean carriage plate and print head! Have you reached out to customer support? Maybe something in the machine logs can point to why it’s giving you air assist errors with everything so clean.


Where can I buy a replacement head?

Pretty sure you have to contact Support. Email/chat box/Discord will all get you there.


I fixed it had to solder the red wire on fan.


Do you have a photo for reference for others that have that issue?

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