Air Assist Fan Error Still after Cleaning twice

Cleaned it twice, 1 time thoroughly, 2nd time deep. Still get error.
Help D:

Did you reseat the printer head?

I did.

No magnets on the bed?

Oh wait, it might have had something to do with the outage this morning. Try refreshing your browser and if that doesn’t do it, reboot your router, computer and the Glowforge.

I have found the issue, I wasn’t not aware that this needed cleaned… I’ve used my laser heavily since I got it last March 2018, This is the first time I knew this was a thing. If I need to “Lube” stuff would I be able to use Wd40? And how do people go about cleaning Wood sap off this? Rubbing alcohol ain’t cutting it.


Warning graphic content.


:smile: Glad you found it!
(And I’m laughing because the fan actually was dirty. Usually the messages are a little vague, but they nailed it.)

You can use canned air on the electronics parts…I’d also try to blow the bulk of the buildup off before wiping. I use a 50/50 vinegar water mixture to wipe down just about everything. They do make electronics cleaners as well…available at any Best Buy or other office supply store.

WD40 isn’t a lubricant. In fact it acts as a degreaser, so it would tend to remove any grease from your moving components.

haha, Just comes to show you how much I know about these kinds of things!
I do have machine oil I use on my industrial Sewing Machine. I’m sure very little of that won’t hurt?

any excess oil might well grab onto more debris even faster. I personally wouldn’t bother trying to lube something that is not designed to be lubricated. Just clean it good. I always lose the bag of pipe-cleaners I bought for this purpose, so I normally just use q-tips along with the detail wand on my vacuum cleaner


TO be fair, I thought the fan they were referring to was the little on on the head of the laser.

Yeah, no one finds that one immediately. That’s the air assist.

I have found that Alcohol Hand Sanitizer does a good job of cleaning and a shopvac pulling air through the fan will exercise the fan and dries off the excess Sanitizer that helps to dissolve the gunk a bit of sanitizer on an old soft toothbrush can also get to other places without leaving bits of cotton behind as a Q-Tip can do though the choice of either or both depends a lot on what it is being used for.

I also use a hose from a C-pap machine for its smaller diameter and soft rubber ends.

Hi @miss.aventurera, I am sure glad you found the culprit! Thank you, everyone, on this thread for the wonderful help. Here is some information to help assist you in cleaning, you can find it in the link here Cleaning Your Air Assist Fan. If you’re still having an issue after the cleaning, let us know so we can further investigate.

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email