Air assist fan not going full speed

My air assist fan is barely blowing air. Its spinning, but not fast enough. Is it dead?

Possibly. When was the last time you cleaned it?

I cleaned it before last time I used it. Fully. Took it off and totally cleaned it out. Even unscrewed it and got both sides.

Ordering this…

for Delta THA0412AD 4cm 4020 12V 0.60A Double Ball Cooling Fan

Two things seem to cause this: one is magnetic fields and the other just gumming the works, The first will lead to the other. Some folks put the magnets to the front unshielded, but I think the field is still affecting the fan speed.

Eventually you get this …

With the machine off I set up a shopvac pulling air through the shroud in the bottom which had the fan barely moving if at all, and then pumped hand sanitizer through sucked up by the shopvac till the fan went to full speed, and left the vac running for another hour or so til everything was evaporated.

Wish I could test the current one… but it requires the PWM signal.

Can someone from glowforge please tell me if there’s data you can check to see if its receiving the correct PWM signal?

I haven’t looked at the data sheet for this one, but every other PWM controlled fan I’ve ever used (including the GF exhaust fan) will run at full speed when there is no PWM signal.

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Giving it a try…

…do I have it on backwards?

They have arrows indicating fan blade and airflow direction.

Its frickin backwards…:roll_eyes:

Now I wish I wouldn’t have tried that thing with the hand sanitizer

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Worked like a charm… it was backwards… I’m an idiot. Thank you and good night lol


You have 30min to cancel orders with Amazon… 27min since you said you’d ordered it, so…


It won’t let me for this one

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