Air assist fan replacement

My air assist fan is fried. No, there is no cleaning it, it’s totally crispy. Can this part be replaced easily? I have a ton of orders and need to get this resolved as soon as possible. I contacted Support yesterday but still no response. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Others ordered replacements from Amazon. When you say “fried” do you mean there is damage to the electricals or are the connections to the printhead ok?

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I don’t see any other damage except to the fan itself. I looked on Amazon but there seem to be several versions of that model fan.

I think this one is the right one.

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Examine the connector carefully, unless you plan to solder the wires from the old one to the new fan.

There are several types of connector used with otherwise identical fans, and to the best of my recollection that does not look like the one used on the GF carriage plate. I’m not going to pull mine off to check.

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@yoyodyne2112 do you still sell replacement air assist fans?

If you contact Glowforge (, they will sell you the carriage plate assembly as one piece, including the fan and wheels and belt already attached. Last time I saw an invoice, they charge $149.

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Yes, I sell an upgraded model. I have a only few available currently.

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