Air assist Fan Speed Error I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING

Hello fellow forgers, I have run into yet another brick wall and need some suggestions. I am receiving the orange light of death when attempting to start a print I am receiving the (air assist fan is not running at the correct speed) error. I have removed both the print head and the carriage plate. I have cleaned the fan extensively, and I have cleaned all connection points and checked the print head for bent ribbon connections (there weren’t any.) I have included pictures. The air assist fan may look dirty but trust me, I took it apart and cleaned it thoroughly. It spins without resistance when using my finger and spins up very smoothly when using an air compressor hose to spin it. I cannot for the life of my understand what the possible reason could be for why I am receiving this error. PLEASE HELP!

Can you see it spinning when the machine is on?

And, no strong magnets holding down your material on the bed?

How are the white cable connections?

That’s all I’ve got…

My unit is up against a wall so to speak so I can’t get around the back to look at the fan, Ill try using my iPhone front camera like a mirror and see if it is spinning once I reattach everything lol. As for magnets, no I mainly use the honeycomb pins that I found here in the community. The white ribbon cable connections are very clean, no breaks or bending connections and I make sure to fully seat it into the print head before placing the print head on the carriage.

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If you’re tall enough, you can lean way over and see it just peeking past the back of the carriage. (I dealt with this error a couple of years ago, can you tell?) :wink:

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lol so I have looked at the fan while the forge was doing the start up calibration and it doesn’t look like the fan is running. Should it be running during the calibration?

Hmmm, good question, I don’t know! I’ll take a look when I get upstairs where my GF is – gotta finish my coffee first, though. :wink:

One thing to check, make sure the fan is pointing in the correct direction when it’s installed…couple of other folks have said it’s easy to get it put in there backwards, and that’s going to mess up the function. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That won’t throw an error in the software, though…


If you look at the photos I added and compare them to the photos provided by GF in their cleaning air assist fan page the blades seem to be facing the same direction as theirs in relation to the carriage plate. Also the error I am receiving is the “air assist speed error” which I don’t believe would be affected if it were installed backwards as the air flow is clear on both ends.

did you ever look to see if the fan spins up during the calibration?

Oh, I did, sorry, my grandkids started texting me and I got distracted!

Yes, the air assist fan is on during calibration.

So I guess my fan has decided to go out. Crap. Well luckily it is still under warranty. Hopefully, support doesn’t take a week to respond. I would like to have the parts in the mail as soon as possible. I also ordered a fan from the manufacturer, may try my hand at re-soldering the new fan to the existing connection port once the new carriage comes in. So that I won’t be out $150 in the future if this ever happens again when the machine is out of warranty.

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