Air Assist Fan Troubles

I have had my Glowforge for a little less than two weeks. In that time I have made two prints with less than an hour of total print time. Tonight I wanted to print some things. This would be my third time using my brand new Glowforge. About half way through, the print stopped and I got the Air Assist Fan error saying the speed is incorrect. I followed the instructions to resolve the error and tried again. This time about 4 minutes in to the print I got the error again. I checked everything again and tried the print. Again, error. I took apart the print head, took off the belt, used some canned air, put everything back together again and tried to print. Again, the error popped up and my print stopped. I have no idea what could be wrong with my brand new expensive machine. Any help would be great.

Are you, or did you, use magnets to secure material?

Some people have had issues with the air assist when they did.

No. I have never used magnets in my machine.

Try removing the head from the carriage plate, and re-seating. Be gentle.

Also remove and check the pins for the grey ribbon from the head. Re-install carefully. It’s all documented under the support pages, linked above.

Yes. I went through all the steps on the support page. I cleaned and inspected everything on the head as well as the ribbon, plate and belt.

The good news is that the air assist fan resides on a replaceable part (the carriage plate) so when you hear back from your email to support, they might be able to send a replacement for just that component if their review of the logs suggests that is the problem.

Let us know what they say. It may take a while.


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