Air assist issue

Getting a warning about the air assist fan this morning. I’ve checked the four prongs…all bounce back just fine. As a matter of fact,the air assist fan is running. I can pull out the print head (carefully) while it’s still on and it’s spinning without any issues (cleaned). Not sure what’s going on… any suggestions?

Edit: I’m also getting the yellow light.

Ugh, don’t move parts around while your machine is powered on, that’s asking to damage something!

Also, the air assist fan isn’t the tiny one on the back of the print head – it’s the one at the back of the carriage the print head sits on. You can see it by leaning over and looking down behind the gantry.

Check the connections at each end of the white cable that goes to the print head. Sounds like it may have a loose connection.


Just a low probability question… Are you using any magnets?

Nope. No magnets.

Ah, will check that – hopefully that’s the issue.

And I didn’t move any parts… just removed the print head gently to verify the little fan was spinning. Didn’t realize that was the wrong fan :slight_smile:

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This is the correct fan with enough goop to slow it down,

Ok, don’t do that either (when the machine is on). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If the white cable connections check out, try cleaning your air assist fan. Do it the way the support link says to do it, NOT the way YouTube says to do it, or your next post will be about cuts being crooked and not being able to get your belt tension pulley adjusted properly. :wink:


Hello @jktechwriter I am sorry to hear about the air assist alert issues you are running into. I will do my best to get this resolved for you.
Could you please do the following:

Once you reply back with those photos I will be more than happy to help with the next steps! Thank you!


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