Air assist Light

I have cleaned all 3 fans multiple times and I still get the air assist error. Says printer head not running at correct speed.

Are you using strong magnets to hold the material down? They can interfere with the air assist fan turning.

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Nope, I have never used magnets

The air assist fan is actually hidden underneath the laser arm, and is kind of hard to get to without disassembling the carriage plate…did you remove that to clean the fan? (Instructions for cleaning it below).

Just want to make sure you got the right fan…the little one in the head is not actually the air assist fan, and that confuses a lot of people.

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Yes I did that twice!

Huh! Did you get the fan installed facing in the correct direction? (Just something to check…I’ve seen a couple of backwards fans.)

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Yep it’s on the right way! I double checked

Running out of ideas here…

Not sure if the lid cable would cause that…

You might want to check the white ribbon cable connection in the laser arm to make sure that it’s secure and clicked all the way in…and if that isn’t it, you might need to wait for support to take a look at your logs. Maybe they can see something.

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Check the pins on the bottom of the head and the subsequent connector plates on the carriage. The pins need to depress and the gold plates need to be clean.


Thank you, I will check that later

Connections to the air-assist fan include the four spring-loaded contacts on the bottom of the print head module, which make contact with the four corresponding contact pads on the carriage plate printed circuit board. If one of those connections is not making solid contact, you can receive this error due to improper feedback. make sure that these contacts are clean and free of any built up residue. Wipe both the pads and pins with a Zeiss wipe, and scrub lightly with a pencil eraser, then reassemble and test.


Thank you, I will check that later

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Hello @lyricalgalpa - I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble.

Lots of great suggestions from the community here, thank you for giving them a try. I’ve actually just responded to the email you’d sent us for some additional steps on checking some further areas of the printer head.

Please keep an eye out for that email, and check your spam/junk folders if you don’t see anything in the next 30 minutes. I’ll swing back by and close this topic once I know you’ve received that email. Thanks!