Air Fan Assist Error

Brand New Out the box ready for 1st print of the Measure of good faith and NOTHING!!! I did everything as directed in the steps 6 times.I disconnected the printer head, checked the gold contact pins for springy-ness. I got Nothing. I am all out of ideas. Ive searched for help in the community as well as online Glowforge groups. Still Nothing. If anyone is available to help… Please Assist.
Thank You

Did you remove the entire carriage or just the printhead?
The fan has its on connector, but you must remove the carriage to access.

I removed the entire carriage. Im actually repeating that step now.

I’m sure you have seen this page, but here’s the link just in case.

If you have can air, blow through the fan to ensure it spins freely. I once had the tiniest bit of debris that prevented my fan from spinning.

Yes. That’s the page I am folllowing.
I just got my Glowforge plus yesterday (Friday July 31st) I haven’t printed anything yet. Is the compressed air still necessary?? I thought that was only if the fan was dirty.

It’s probably not necessary at this point but it would spin the fan at a fast speed so you could determine if it is spinning freely. I would have some ready for future needs though.

I’m sorry you are running into problems. These machines are quite wonderful when you get them going.

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I was gonna go out earlier and get a can of compressed air but thought I would tinker with my GF 1 more time before I went out.

Yeah. I was so Excited when I ordered it and it arrived yesterday. I took care to follow every step for opening and setting it up. Only to be disappointed. I just dont understand how a machine with such Great reviews could NOT work fresh out the box. Im more distraught because I paid $4k up front for the machine. I cant even tell you how much more I spent on supplies so I could be ready to go.

Im gonna try 1 more attempt at printing the measure of good faith tool since I re-checked everything again. if it still doesn’t work Im gonna get the compressed air.
I will keep you posted.
Thanks for helping

You’re very welcome.

I’m so sorry for the frustrating start with your new Glowforge. I see you already emailed us about this and I’ve sent you a response with next steps there, so I’m going to close this topic.