Air filter 2019?! I'll be out of warranty

Is this date provided on the website accurate? I haven’t be able to use my GF since I’m in an office space and now it looks like the filter won’t be able until after my warranty runs out…

Will GF extend my warranty? At this point I’m ready to send it back for a full refund…

Don’t think they take returns. At least never heard of someone doing it.

The early purchasers that needed the filter delayed delivery of the main unit until GF notifies them both are ready to ship.


When you get the email about the glowforge being ready to ship, you are offered the choice of taking it then and getting the filter later, or getting them together when they are both ready. Since you already have yours, I assume you took the first option.

Once you take delivery I don’t believe you are eligible for any refund. Your best bet would be to find someone to sell it to if you really want to go that route.

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Hi @Bobby_at_NASA. The date on the website is the best information we have right now and we are working hard to get you your Air Filter!