Air Filter Consumables

I’m now thinking of adding the air filter since the preorder time has been extended! What types of consumable will have to be purchased and approximately how often? Will we be able to get them somewhere like Amazon or are we limited to purchasing proprietary items from Glowforge? Any idea on pricing for the consumables?

@dan has said they haven’t locked down the consumable price yet but they don’t expect it to go over $250(direct from them). But the lifespan is dependant on your uses(materials) and how much you use it. His best guesses were far too often for me to even contemplate buy the filter. Atleast one guy here is attempting to make their own filter. You can buy 4" hose air filters(some research is required as you need more than one stage). But these will be larger and more unwieldy. But they come with a hefty discount both upfront and running. I personally will vent my waste until my situations change and I require one so I will either buy retail(in future) or make one

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@jacktyler_co_uk thank you! That’s what I was afraid of. Somehow I think that sounds pretty pricey, especially since they indicate you can vent out a window with the included 4" “dryer vent” hose! I’m thinking I can install a typical through the wall vent set up just like my dryer and have it go outside without 3 stages of filtration. I live on 2-1/2 acres in the mountains, so there are no close neighbors to offend.

That should be fine and cheap. I am doing the window route and I hope I have no issues doing it with neighbours or around children(2nd storey windows)

I feel for the city dwellers. Nearest house is about a mile away down in the hollow. The Air Filter wasn’t even a consideration. So happy when the upgrade to pro was changed to not require the filter unit.

Here’s an Instructables project to build a DIY fume extractor.

Also some discussion on the seriousness of the subject from a friend who has build a couple of Lasersaurs.

I feel for the city dwellers.

Or those of us in townhomes or condos. I suspect that it can be difficult to avoid offending neighbors with the printer exhaust.

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I was just planning on venting out my shop window which is about 100 ft for my nearest neighbor. Do you think I’ll have and issue with the smell from the exhaust reaching their house?

I hope not! My house is surrounded by houses, closest window is probably 10foot max

Is there a way to connect a vent hose to the output of the filter unit? That way it would be less likely to offend neighbors, and at the same time, minimize the risk that bad gasses (carbon monoxide, for example) would build up inside the home/apartment. Or will the filter neutralize all possible hazardous gasses?

If you own the place you might be able to run it out the plumbing vent pipe, if for some reason youre closer to the bathroom than a window

People close by will likely be able to smell smoke when you’re etching / cutting wood (for example). Not likely to cause alarm unless you have nervous people in the area. :smile:

I plan on etching some steaks - medium rare, will invite the neighbors over!

that sounds like an idea for a high end restaurant. get your filet with your name on it for only $200!

That’s a great idea. I wonder if I can fit “Please return my leaf blower” on a steak.


…or “Your yapping dog is next” :laughing:

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In another thread, Dan addressed this. Apparently no easy way to vent the air filter.

Acrylic is very very smelly, but at 100 ft it is probably not an issue. It is definitely an issue nearby.