Air Filter dates changed again

I am sure we are all a little frustrated with the Air Filter conversation and I am also sure that the glowforge team is working to deliver a great product. I mean the results from the Glowforge itself are great so far so I have every confidence that they will deliver this item at some point. It’s just a little annoying that for the 3rd time the delivery date for the filter has changed when it was only a month out. @dan it would be great if as a company you just said that the date will be announced when it is actually ready instead of the constant bait and switch technique. After 3 years I think it’s pretty old. Again I completely understand that what you are all trying to make is intensely difficult, that is not the problem, it’s the constant let down and subsequent apology. There really is no need for it, just say it isn’t ready and when the item is actually in final production stages and ready to be shipped give people dates instead of constantly changing the dates just as the expected delivery time gets down to a few weeks away.

Did you read the latest update on the filters? They are offering an alternative Compact Filter for those who don’t want to wait any longer for development of the Glowforge filter. There is a sign up sheet in the first post here, but you do have to sign up for it:


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