Air filter deliveries

The last mention of a working prototype was when Dan said their prototype wasn’t working as well as they had hoped and brought in an industry expert to redesign it. I feel that post was sometime between Nov 2017 and Jan 2018, (at that time, my filter ship date moved to April 2018).

I’m still on the fence if I’m going to take the filter or take store credit instead. I keep thinking that if I take the GF to an event, I’ll need it, but am I really going to take the GF to an event? Sure I could buy it later, but it will be more expensive.


Thanks everyone, I do want it to work well so I guess we just wait…

S*** my date changed to the end of November (before it was July)!
Same Game every year, I really hoped not to experience the delivery-delais again!

Thanks. Remember a Dec 16 post about working with an environmental expert but maybe I missed a comment saying the filter wasn’t working to their standards. I accept your comment as truth but if anyone remembers the specific post would like to check it out for exact wording. I don’t want to mangle the intent in my future posts.

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I remember the post that said the performance wasn’t up to their expectation. I’ve been searching for it, but haven’t found it yet.


I also pretty clearly remember a post saying that the delay was due to the performance of the filter being below expectation. Part of the reason I remember it is because it was frustratingly vague as to whether it was the prototype design that was not performing to spec or production units were not performing like the prototype. I cannot find this post either, but interestingly, I did find a reference to a post by Dan from October 10, 2017 – which is around the right time – called “Air Filter Update”. As far as I can tell, that post no longer exists.

I can’t say for sure if Dan deleted a post because it actually gave some information, but it would surprise me not at all.

In search of this, I came across some other information-like morsels from Dan in the forums, which I collect for you here so you don’t have to hunt for them the same way I did:

November 2016:

March 2017:

This would seem to indicate that the problems were with production units – so why wouldn’t Dan say so in response to direct questioning many times?

April 2017:

June 2017:

Also June 2017:

October 2017:

Also October 2017, in response to a request for more information about the reasons for the filter delay:

Feb 2018:

May 2018:

(In response to a question about whether any filters showed up at Maker Faire, given that the lack of any at World Maker Faire the previous year was one of the early indicators that the filters were not on track:)

Given that photos of units were shared more than a year earlier, with the exhaust and air intakes helpfully pointed out, this explanation falls rather flat.

June 2018:


It’s not a conspiracy.

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Turns out we were both right. The information about the filter performance issue was in an email to filter customers. As far as I can tell it wasn’t in an official forum post, though it was posted by a forum member. I didn’t order a filter so did not get that email.


I know I saw it somewhere! I was at the point thinking that maybe it was a live video chat or something else outside the site since it wasn’t showing up in search. The search feature in the forum can be hit or miss, but it was bothering me that I couldn’t find it. I starting to think it was the Mandela Effect (or whatever it was called in the last season of the X-Files).

I would assume once they get a working prototype filter unit, they will beta test with select users (either public or private beta). Maybe someone who does nothing but leather to get an idea of how well and how long the filter lasts. (The last time I tried to do leather I have a great idea what wet, burnt dog hair probably smells like. Yes it was PG and made me turn down a paid project involving wool in the GF).

I know there was a couple of questions asked several times about the heat the filter produced. Would the filter increase the temp of air being sucked into the GF by a degree or two? or would back pressure running through the filter be an issue in high heat situations?

Remember a post from dan about the air filter having it"s own exhaust fan(s). If the design is working correctly I wouldn’t think any back pressure is created.

I don’t know. I just remember that being one of the questions that wasn’t answered.

What was the date of that email? I can’t find it.

I received an email specific to my Pro Glowforge delivery status on Oct 12th 2017. In my version it did not mention the filter because I did not order a filter. Assume those that ordered a filter received a modified email with text similar to that below. The date of the email may have been the same, or not.

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That’s weird. I did not get my email until October 25, and it stated:

We now have a new, estimated shipping date for the Air Filter you ordered. The Air Filter is running behind schedule and has not started production, so the date provided is a more rough estimate, and we’ll be working to refine it.

You can now find the shipping estimate for your Air Filter on your Account Page on

I am a filter customer; I ordered on Day Two.

Thanks for the helpful response.


I received the updated email on shipment on 10/10/17. Everyone has a different date for scheduled delivery. See below from DAN replying directly to my post via e-mail to me:

Dan replied to my post with the following:
dan Unsubscribe
to me

dan Staff
October 11

Production on the Glowforge Air Filter you ordered has been delayed, and is estimated to ship to you on 04/18/18.

That’s the date your filter is scheduled for delivery - others have different dates, starting in January.

Unfortunately the filter is powered by Fusion, which as anyone interested in the field knows is just 10 years away perpetually…


Arriving sooner than the cure for cancer (as if there is only one) which is just 20 years away.

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And I thought a lot of folk had that on their computers?


Crazy, I don’t remember seeing that email at all. :confused:

I placed my order in April of 2016. The first estimate that I can remember seeing for the air filter was July, then while logging in to check on it months later I noticed it changed to September. I logged in today to confirm that my suspicions of another later date, were true, it’s now November.

A couple of months back I had prepared a lengthy post offering to sell my Glowforge to anyone I could personally deliver it to (avoid shipping costs) as it is sitting on my dining room table waiting for its filter. I wish I hadn’t opted to receive it as soon as it became available as I live in a condo and literally can’t use it without its filter (now it’s extended warranty is depleting month by month with no use). I was a little too excited to receive it and figured I could use the original 5 month wait to build a table for it and set up the room for it. Instead, due to our open floor-plan, it just sits there and mocks me on a daily basis for my own foolish impatience. :joy::weary:

Despite being bummed, I will say it is beautiful. And while I dust it every few days I realize I have something else I can prepare for it while I wait for its filter, a dust cover. Has anyone designed/sewed a dust cover for theirs?

And thank you OP for posting this question, I have been wondering for the past several months the same questions.

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