Dan Live at Bay Area Maker Faire!

That’s really funny and at least honest enough not to double-down with B.S. :blush:


And to their credit, they didn’t say anything negative when I asked why I should buy a Dremel instead of a Glowforge for my library.

They didn’t convince me, of course, :grinning: but I appreciate when companies talk about their own strengths instead of trash talking their competitors.


You are very kind about the presentation. :slight_smile: the Hands-On portion of the demo turned into a Hands-On demonstration of Windows 10 updating itself involuntarily, so it was just yours truly talking, with the demo happening later at the booth.


That was just your subtle way of letting people know that a Cloud based approach is best!
Just go to your iPad and continue working on the GF! :slight_smile:


I swear Windows is spying on us waiting for the WORST possible moment to update. I miss having the option to choose an update time.


well, and just to make all that worse, if it was the april update, it was probably a 2-3 hour update. i got bitten by that on friday morning and lost a good chunk of productivity.

so they had makers demoing laser made stuff that wasn’t made with their lasers? that’s messed up.


So irritating.

I guess Dremel took that page out of FSL’s playbook. snap!

But I also wonder if Dremel had its resources diluted, because this same weekend was also the big hardware convention in Indianapolis and they likely had a booth there along with their 3D printers.

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either way, it’s still misleading and a bit deceitful.

Do we think all the items in the original GF video were made on a GF considering how long after it took them to get engraving working properly?

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i have no idea what kind of prototype the were using. but when they were at maker faire, they were showing work made on the GF and they didn’t have non-GF employee makers in their booth showing work made on other machines.

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Pivoting back from Dremel to GF… the line to demo at their booth was packed! I loved having the chance to see and handle some of the items from the design catalog that I’ve been thinking about, and the staff I talked to were all super nice and knowledgeable (and kept pulling their own keychains out of pockets to show me).

For those who asked, the sharpie is a GF logo sharpie, not a GF engraved sharpie. Not sure sharpie plastic is laserable.


You covered it well.
I asked your (adorable) son where my pattern is for forged wooden Robot Turtle tiles??? Get to work.


Was there any sign of a filter at Maker Faire?


Dremel and Epilog were both running Bofa filters. I couldn’t get close enough to the Glowforges to see how they were filtering.

Thank you. (Sent from my adorable kids’ bedroom waiting for them to fall asleep…)

We’re not going to show our filter until it arrives on customers’ doorsteps… as you point out, our customers are not the only ones interested in laser air filter technology.

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Dan, while we wait for the filters, you could sell these as an interim replacement?

Maybe put the GF logo on the side? . :slight_smile:


or right over the eyes, so you’d never miss it.